Helen the Healer

This Crystal is 49 grams and 2.5 inches long. It has a small cluster of crystals forming at the base, which add the the beauty and power of the crystal.



Tron is 57 grams and from base to tip he is 3" long, and 2.5 inches wide. He has clusters all along his shaft, as well as on his base. This crystal may enhances the energy.



 Sue, she's a beautiful Feng Shui crystal due to her strong solid base that allows her to stand up tall, as well as a strong beautiful point.

29 grams and 1 3/4 " tall and 1.5" wide at her base.



This is Lizzy. She is she comes to the party with flare. Resting on the base with clairty and strength, she is the perfect piece for placing in your wealth and abundance area in your space.

25 grams, 1.5 "wide, 1.5" tall.


Mamma Bear

She is carrying her children all around her and they have inherited her clarity. This is a beautiful crystal is excellent for enhancing clarity and wisdom. This is because she can see multiple perspectives at one time. Past, present and future.

10 grams, 1.5 tall and wide from clarity tip to next clarity tip.



 George, he's short but strong. His point is powerful with a small formation to support his thoughts.

11 grams 1.25 inches tall and .5 inches wide. Great for wand making.



Say hello to Dixie. Dixie is 19 grams and 1.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide. But don't let her size fool you. She is clear in who she is and she's bringing all that and more to the party. Just look at who's supporting her. This is a perfect crystal for your wealth and abundance space.



 Thom! He is full of fun, laughter and insight. Weighing 25.3 pounds and is 9x7x7.5 he is a whopper of an energetic power house. We cannot ship Thom and must be picked up only.



Meet Tiny. She is so cute and tiny, but powerful. Her clarity along side her sister Teeny they are a force to reckon with.

10grams of pure crystal. 1x1 powerhouse.



This little lady is ready to become the power tip of someone's wand. Naturally craved out amd ready to place. With the small clusters growing on her side it gives it a double punch.

13 grams 1.5 x 1



This cluster i call Bob. He is 119 grams and is 3" wide and 1 " tall to his highest point. Bob and his little harem make a beautiful collection for any relationship corner of your space.



Birtha is 7.5 ounces (216 grams) of crystal fun. 4 x 1.45 filled with fun and excitement.