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Who are we?

January 30, 2019

When thinking about who we are we really need to consider where we're from.

When you're a little boy or girl you might hear, "Oh, you look just like your mommy", and you begin to identify yourself with that parent on a much deeper level; either in acceptance or resistance.

The acceptance or resistance part is extremely important when it comes to our identity. If I feel that I am nothing like my mother, then I might try to do everything within my power to NOT be like my mother, the same is true if it's about my father.

However, the same is true if I am in acceptance of what an individual says that I am like. If it feels good to me then I might be more willing to accept it. It usually feels good to we because see a quality of that person that we can align or identify with. So, if they say I am just like my mother and I believe that my mother is a kind and beautiful woman, then I am more likely to accept this quality for myself.

Now, when it comes to who we are, and I say we need to look at our source, we all come from ONE Source, One Infinity Energy. But again, our quality in who we are is directly linked to whether I can accept this, or if I totally deny this quality.

Source is love, abundance, joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity. However, sometimes it appears that love is not so loving, and we are taught that God is a punishing God. We know this because there is a belief in eternal hell. But would you want that for your own child? Of course not. And there isn't anything that you would want of your child to prove they deserved better, you would simply love them either way.

We are all energy! This is the source of our being. Don't look at the qualities that man has put on Source, but rather know the foundation and truth about Source; eternal, infinity and good.

This means that no matter how hard we try to deny these qualities they are true either way; we are eternal, infinite and good. 

So, now that we know who we are, doesn't it make more sense to align to the qualities and accept this as our inheritance in order to make a different in this world, your own world?

Start with your own mind. See what is good in your own way. Accept the good that is.

When using quantum biofeedback we are picking up the smallest amount of resistance that is keeping us from our good, from our harmony in life.

Quantum biofeedback is just that, feedback. It is allowing you a glimpse of the most perfect possibility at any given moment and providing you with energy and harmony to bring yourself into alignment with your inheritance.

If you're not experiencing the life you want, this simply means you believe something else about yourself that isn't true. Take the next step and discover the power from within.

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Creating Space

February 2019

2019 is off to a great start, now let's keep it that way!

I'm sure you've already begun to work on your goals for 2019, but have you added a cleanse to your regime?

Each year, I take this time to clear out the old and bring in the new. 

This isn't just about taking down the Christmas tree and lights! This is about making room for the new year, it's about making room for more creative ideas and experiences.

When I take down my decorations I am immediately inspired to decorate my home the way I "want" to feel. This means that I surround myself with things that promote my ideals, my goals, my purpose, my intentions, and even my motivations.

If you came into my home you would find space!

Space allows us the opportunity to experience more, receive more, be open to more, and to know there is room for so much more in our lives. When I start to feel like my space is closing in around me, I feel limited and feel like I just want to get rid of everything in my life.

But this is NOT the ideal situation!

It can be this and that! What this means is this, we don't have to get rid of everything in our lives only to draw it back into our lives. 


Rather, we organize, categorize, and prioritize which allows us the comfort of our own abundance, while making room for more abundance.

Now, don't get me wrong. I totally support getting rid of that flip flop that has lost its flop. I am totally down with getting rid of that tube of lipstick that has met the rim of the tube. And I'm all for getting rid of clothes and passing them on to someone else, not out of their lack, or the need to feel like I need to help someone, but just because they DON'T SPEAK THE NEW ME in whatever year I am in.

Let the things around you speak to you, but also about you!

Let the things around you lift your mind to higher levels of health, wealth, and happiness. If your things don't make you feel good, then you'll be in a constant state of negativity, which impacts your vibration; thus impacting your ability to attract more good into your life.

Now, with this said, I want to invite you to take my "Feng Shui Your Mind" class. This is a vision board using a sound process that I created to assist you in having the life you desire. I use the science behind numbers and the Bagua map to help communicate WITH your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is subjective, meaning that whatever we put in there, she makes manifest. The subconscious mind is always reflecting what we believe, and as creators we have the ability when something comes to our awareness to say, "No, that's not what I want" and affirm better.

Remember, not all thoughts you have are your thoughts! These thoughts can impact us negativity, but I'll show everyone during the class how to recognize this and how to affirm to your good.

Let's clear the space in our own minds.

I look forward to making this the best year yet, how 'bout you?

The Color Green and Its Healing Benefits

March 2019

March is the time of year that we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. It's that time of year where we all wear green or be pinched if we don't.

However, there is a real psychology to the color green. Just like red would evoke the feeling of anger or passion, green also can evoke an emotional response.

The color green has been used for centuries to help others heal quicker and to feel more calm. When I think of green I see trees, grass, and thick forest that are never ending. 

"Green, which is Nature's colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving." - Paul Brunton

During my visit to KETR this month, I discussed the benefits of the color green and how it can impact our physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being. 

To listen to the broadcast click here. 

Never take for granted to power of the color green to help aid in relaxation and stress-reduction in your clients lives.

Increase the Desire for the Wish to be Fulfilled

June 2019

In order to see the change we desire in our lives, we must first be willing to desire the change more than our current state or condition.

Within each current state or condition we experience in our lives is an opportunity for us to CHOOSE another state. Some of us like our current states so much that they have become familiar and comfortable. This is perfectly acceptable! Some states are really enjoyable. But when we allow fear to keep us in a current state because we're afraid of losing what we have, then the desire of losing what we have becomes stronger than the desire to enjoy the current state.

The man who desires riches, but fears that by becoming rich he'll have to pay the more taxes, his fear he'll have to pay more taxes is a greater DESIRE than the DESIRE to be rich.

The woman who desires a relationship, but fears that if she doesn't get married that she'll lose everything she has, her fear of losing everything is a greater DESIRE than the DESIRE to be in a relationship.

No matter the situation is in your life, you desire it.

If you want your bills to be paid, then desire your bills being paid more than the desire of how you'll be able to get out of paying your bills. Many have the desire that if they marry rich that they'll never have to worry about bills again. Well, even though this may be true, remember the desire never to pay bills again comes at a cost. You could marry and become homeless! You'll be married, but remember, you desire to NOT pay bills is still there.

We must be honest with our desires. We can't just say, "I need a husband so I don't have to work anymore", and then expect everything to be unicorns and rainbows. Your desire, "I don't have to work anymore", will create a situation where you'll have to work even harder than before. Just as the example with the man not wanting to pay his taxes, well now he has to work harder at paying his taxes. Just like the woman who wants to get married because she's afraid she'll lose everything, will lose everything!!!!

Desires come from the heart, so we need to check in with our desires to see if they are coming from fear or acceptance. If they are coming from fear, then that thing I fear will become magnified. If it's acceptance, now I see all areas of my life supporting my new desire for more good and greatness in my life.

I experienced being homeless and as I laid there wide awaken, with tears streaming down my face, I had a desire within me that became stronger than my current desire.

You see, I was that person that said I wanted to get married so I would never have to ever worry about money again. I created this situation in my life because that desire never to worry about money again was so strong that I had to experience being homeless. I was only 17 when I made that statement out of hurt and despair. That hurt and despair fueled my words. So, in that moment my heart and mind were married and this experience was made manifest.

But, one hot Alabama night,  as we slept in our car, I laid there awake with tears running down my face, Spirit asked me, "What do you want?" My heart and mind became instantly filled with a greater desire. A desire to work, to have a healthy, loving family, to have my own car, to have my own career, to be able to pay my bills and be an independent, successful adult.

Did all of these things come instantly to me? No! Each day my desire unfolded into the woman I am today. 


Want to see something different in your life? 

Then ask yourself, "What is it that I truly desire?"

Is Sleeping the Key to Productivity?

July 2019

It’s not just about what you do — it’s when you do it

Learn how understanding your sleep chronotype can help you optimize your life.

Let’s talk about the early bird for a minute. Those people (you know who you are) that wake up with the sun, practice a round of yoga, exercise, and knock out a project or two, and get the kids off to school — all before most of us have hit the snooze button for the second time.

These people, we think to ourselves, are the models of productivity. If only we could be early birds too, right? Wrong. And here’s why.

The idea that waking up early is the best and only model for productivity perfection is just a myth. That 2:00 pm slump you hit every day isn’t just a lack of caffeine. Burning the midnight oil on a project isn’t just because you like to procrastinate.

The truth is we’re all wired uniquely. And the time of day when our energy levels are the highest depends largely on our sleep chronotypes. Chronotypes determine whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, or whatever the afternoon-types call themselves (FYI, in medical literature they are historically known as “hummingbirds”). It’s all comes down to your genes and how they determine your propensity for sleep. A longer PER3 gene probably means you’re an early riser who needs a lot of sleep to feel good. People with a shorter PER3 gene prefer to stay up late and get by on less sleep.

Why does this matter? Your unique chronotype determines the best time of day to make important decisions, tackle that next big project, or exercise. Sure, you can try shifting your sleep-wake times to fit your schedule better but you probably won’t perform as well because it’s hard to fight against your genes. So if you’re hitting that afternoon slump or the snooze button a few more times than you’d like, that’s ok. The key is determining what your sleep chronotype is — and then optimizing your life and routines around it.


So how can you determine your chronotype? According to sleep expert and author of The Power of When (we highly recommend it), Michael Breus, PhD, there are four different types of chronotypes that he categorizes as animals. You’re either a Dolphin, Lion, Bear, or Wolf. Take this short quiz to discover your chronotype and then keep reading to find out how you can optimize your daily routines around it.


If you wake up ready to go at the crack of dawn, find it easy to exercise, respond to emails, or jump into a project before the majority of the world is awake, you’re a Lion. Lions represent around 15-20% of the population, and they’re generally labeled as Type-A personalities. They sometimes have trouble socially (partly because evening gatherings are when they would rather be at home, in bed). For Lions, it’s important to tackle critical tasks early and save less mentally-intensive tasks for the end of the day. The optimal time to exercise for a Lion is early – 5:30 am.


Bears tend to wake up at regular hours and hit their stride in the middle of the morning with a slight dip in productivity during the middle of the afternoon. Sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone — most people fall under the Bear category. These people are, more often than not, people-people and extremely friendly. Their schedules tend to fit societal norms best. Bears will want to exercise around 7:30 am, or on their lunch break around 12:30 pm.


Wolves, like their namesake, are nocturnal. They’re productive while the rest of the world is sleeping and hit their energy upswings from noon to 2:00 pm and then again in the evening. These people tend to prefer alone time, lean towards introversion, and work in creative fields. They are extremely intelligent, and interestingly, tend to be very loyal friends. Unlike Lions, they typically don’t work systematically through to-do lists, but bounce around between tasks. It may not be orderly, but they get things done. If you’re a wolf, try scheduling later meetings and save the bulk of your work toward the end of the day or the middle of the afternoon. If you are a wolf, exercising early is most likely not an option, which is ok, as your optimal time for exercise is 6:30 pm.


Dolphins are few and far between. Just like their namesake animal that sleeps with half their brain awake and half asleep, these people are light sleepers, often highly intelligent, and sometimes struggle with insomnia. They also tend towards anxiety. If you don’t have a regular sleep routine, lie awake thinking about the day’s failures, or lean towards perfectionism, you might be a Dolphin. If so, try structuring your schedule so you can do your best work from the mid-morning through early afternoon. Dolphins are similar to Lions. They should exercise in the morning. For a dolphin, around 7:30 is ideal for your body.


Now that you (hopefully) have a better idea of your chronotype, it’s time to structure your day and schedule so you’re doing the most meaningful work at the right time. While traditional 9-5 schedules only benefit a handful of people, companies are starting to adapt — and technology is making it easier than ever to work on your own schedule.

As you begin to structure your day, pay attention to your energy levels, focus, and mood. It’s your body — you just need to follow its lead. The key is to work with your natural rhythms, not against them. If you’re not an early bird, that’s ok. The middle of the afternoon or late at night might work better. Talk to your boss or your co-workers, fine tune your schedule, and learn when you should optimize. 

As you respond to your feelings and tweak your schedule, you’ll begin to optimize your day — and upgrade your productivity and happiness.

Dreaming Is Important To Well-Being!

July 2019

Today on KETR we discuss the importance of dreaming. 

You can purchase my book, Dreams:Decoding Subconscious Communication here.

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Dehydration and the relationship with headaches!

August 2019

Today on KETR we discuss the importance of getting enough water, but also the effects of too much water, as well. 

It's important to maintain balance within our bodies. Too much water can deplete our system of vital electrolytes that help to keep things in balance. Stay tuned for next months segment, when I continue this discussion.

To listen in, click here.

How Probiotics Help You Stay Healthy!

September 2019


With recent research showing that getting enough probiotics can have various health benefits, here we round up some reasons to boost consumption of prebiotics and probiotics either through a good quality supplement like Vitality Stack* or through your diet. Adding yogurt, sauerkraut, miso soup, fermented, soft cheeses, and even sourdough bread into your diet will top your levels of prebiotics, with asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, bananas, oatmeal, and legumes all rich in prebiotics.*

We literally all try to do our best to stay healthy but is there something we can really do to help support our immune system? Since over 75% of our immune system is found in our gut, it only makes sense that the best chance we have to stay healthy is to keep our digestive systems as healthy as possible. This also might come as a surprise but did you know that the gut is the largest immune organ in your body. Making sure to have a healthy gut is central to your overall health.*

A great way to support gut health is to use a supplement with a probiotic like Vitality Stack. Probiotics help support the body’s complex system of digestive organs to promote proper digestion of food and nutrient absorption. The sad part is it’s often difficult to maintain a beneficial balance of microflora in our gut to aid digestive processes due to environmental toxins, everyday stress, processed foods, over-use of antibiotics, and diets high in sugar and fat.*

High Culture Count

The culture count refers to the total amount of live bacterial culture in a single serving. Some people may need a higher amount depending on age or health status. A dose of 50 billion per day is perfect for enhancing immunity and overall health.

Number of Strains

There are literally more than 1,000 strains of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Look for the naturally occurring strains like lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. A good way to remember is that the L strains are good for the small intestine and the B strains are good for the Large intestine or colon. Cover all the bases with one supplement that with eight to ten different strains for best results.

Potency At Time Of Expiration

Taking a supplement daily will strengthen your immune system.

Wash your hand regularly

Get plenty of sleep

Drink lots of water

Eat a healthy diet of whole foods like fruits, veggies, grains, nuts, seeds, and lean meats.

Supplement with a good multivitamin and a probiotic.

Reduce and manage stress

Keeping healthy is all about being proactive and probiotics go a long way to help keep your immune system strong all year long. For more information please click here.

“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”