Smaller Apps Mini Series

We did it!!

We have a whole mini series full of delightful interaction and insight as we explore using our smaller apps, such as the Rife App, Water Harmonizer, Relationship App, Intention Motivator, Emotional Insight App, Words Can Heal, and Essential Oil app.

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Monthly Bonus Webinar

Members enjoy quality time with Dr. Velvete as she goes deeper into self-empowerment and self-actualization.  You must be a member to participate in the monthly webinar.

April 24th @ 8PM: CST


QBFB Gathering

A time for our QBFB community to connect and enjoy the support of others in a group and private setting.  Sharing what's working, issues, and how to better improve the quality of sessions with our clients, friends, and family. 

April 26th @ 7PM: CST


QBFB Education

Did you know that Dr. Velvete has a whole library of tutorials and lessons that can be easily accessed via her online school, "Quantumental Education and Institute?

To learn more, just click the link below.

Quantumental Education

Events Happening Soon

1:00PM: CST

Mini Series continues with Essential Oil App and Words Can Heal

Genius Training

w/ Dr. Velvete

Genius Training Continues

w/ Dr. Velvete

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