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Get "UnBoxed"

UnBoxed is a monthly subscription that provides you metaphysical tools to enhance and enrich your life.

Each UnBoxed is designed to inspire, motivate, and create greater awareness, balance, and connectivity using different virtual tools you'll receive each month.

Each UnBoxed offers a variety of virtual metaphysical tools each month. The tools provided will be based on a unique theme for the month, such as "Nurturing the Soul", "Realizing Your Potential" etc., etc. 

UnBoxed items may include some of the following: Remember, each month is different!

Life Insight Panels- available for exporting only

Module that can be executed during that particular month


Book of the month

Metaphysical Symbols

Quantum Biofeedback Apps


Pre-recorded webinars to motivate and inspire

and so much more.....

Subscribers will receive a different QBFB panel and module each month to play with. Other items will change offering plenty of variety within each UnBoxed kit.

Kits are delivered the 5th of each month via email. In the email, you will receive special instructions for your UnBoxed items, along with your unique Import code for your monthly panels. The panels and modules are designed to be fun and creative. This is a time to relax and enjoy the energy as you grow in greater awareness, balanced, and connectivity.

Included in your first UnBoxed kit

This kit includes everything needed to start your adventure into self-discovery and awareness. You'll receive the 2019 QBFB journal that includes the Higher Mind, Lower Mind process; a process that helps you to discover more of what you want in your life and how to shift your feelings to align with your new desire.