What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback is a way to measure the unseen that can/could influence the seen, your scene. Another way to say this, it is a way to measure or determine unseen beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories that have made an impact on your current state or conditions.

The Quantum Field is where all possibility and potential reside, but also the matrix where all is one. Using the quantum device, we can witness the slightest imbalance or disharmony that is happening within the quantum field (the unseen). Now we have a greater opportunity to become aware of a higher frequency and a higher way of being (conscious state), which can now have a direct effect on reality. You are more than a physical body.

“All changes take place in consciousness”

Neville Goddard

How is change achieved?

Using the Quantum, we can investigate limiting beliefs that hold your consciousness hostage and work together towards shifting thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions to allow for greater way of being. This is achieved two ways; first, the idea or image you have about yourself; second, generating a higher frequency field that supports love and acceptance. Our intention together is to bring greater awareness to your potential and possibilities so that you can enjoy a richer and more fulfilling life. You do not need to know what is limiting you, however when we bring greater balance to an area with the QBFB there is usually a new awareness and shift in awareness.

What can QBFB do for me?

While gather information that allows for greater awareness, with the Quantum iNfinity we can now stir the pot within the quantum field and raise the vibration to increase the potential of a fuller and richer life. The items that show up on the device give us an indication of possible energetic imbalances. We bring greater balance to these items by increasing the frequency around them with supportive intention and what I call "cocktails". Cocktails are simply energetic ingredients that support your overall unseen to bring greater balance to the seen.

What QBFB can’t do for me?

It is not to replace your commitment to yourself. It is NOT to replace physical support for your current conditions, but rather to use the QBFB in conjunction with your current physical and/or mental support to increase the overall outcome of success. The steps and processes in this program have proven to be effective and have given clients their lives back by allowing them to shift their vibration to match the desired state of consciousness.

“We have but to concentrate on the state desired in order to see it.”

Neville Goddard

How is it possible to do this remotely?

We are all one and there is only ONE, and this ONE is always connected to all things. You are more than a physical body that appears to be separate from everyone and everything, you are also spirit. Just has laying of hands, Reiki, prayer, and other healing modalities can be achieved remotely, the QBFB is a powerful tool that connects to a higher good and higher energy that can increase a person’s state of wellness. Here at my clinic we can do the session together via zoom, or I can simply run you and then send you a final report of the scan.

Why are animals more receptive to this form of healing?

Animals are not bound by beliefs, they simply live in the moment in their current state of being of consciousness; being a dog, cat, or mouse consciousness. While working with pets, many times there is a quicker response to the QBFB with longer last effects because animals love, love, love energy and they don't resist the energy with beliefs that limit their good and/or greater good. We have direct evidence of this with 2 of our own animals. One being a pug that my son brought home from the vet for her final days to be spent in our loving arms. She became weaker and weaker each day. She couldn't eat, we had to carry here because she couldn't walk, and when see urinated she was passing blood, and because of her condition my son wanted her to come home to die. One day I asked my son if it would be okay to run her on the device, he said, "At this point it surely couldn't hurt". He placed the pug in my lap and I got my device out and began the work. I'm almost done with the session when Patty picked up her head and suddenly, I could feel a shift in energy. She stood up on all fours, waged her tail and jumped out of the chair where we sat. She turned around, smiled, waged her tail at me and ran off, and to this day living as if she's a 6-month-old pup. This happened in the summer of 2017 and still going strong.

The other pet was a rescue and had been abused. I created a module called Victim to Victor that was to help support people in abusive relationships. However, because of the sensitive nature of abuse I decided to use my Annie as our test subject rather than a person. You need to know Annie would not get into the car with people, she was extremely shy, would not eat with the other dogs, would not come to dinner, would not sleep with the others, and had a very difficult time claiming her space. Each time a human came near her she would coward down and pee. I am pleased to say that after running the Victim to Victor Module with Annie she is vibrant, happy and now an attention hog. Annie now eats with the rest of the family, has found her own bed to be with us, and now lets us know when she needs attention, which includes letting her out. Before I decided to run her on this program, I thought we would never see the light in her eyes, but we are so pleased. She's gained weight, she runs and plays, she's happy, and she is now a wonderful participant in bringing greater joy to everyone that meets her.

Humans can have so many limiting beliefs that prevent their greater good!

Limiting beliefs don't have to be just our beliefs, but the beliefs of others. We grow up hearing what is right and what is wrong based on another's belief system and we take it on as gossip. However, even Jesus told Thomas in the Bible, "You have witnessed this miracle and yet you still don't believe." Jesus spoke to us a lot about what we believe and how our beliefs impact our lives. When it comes to the QBFB, belief is not necessary on your part to benefit from the shift in energy on the quantum level, but this shift on the quantum level will have an energetic impact in raising your frequency. When there is an increase in frequency, there is an increase in consciousness, when there is an increase in consciousness there is a greater shift in reality; more health, wealth, and happiness.

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