Cancellations when sick!

Everyone receives an opportunity to confirm or cancel their appointment.  Why is it important to cancel your appointment as soon as possible when you feel under the weather?

When I call or text to confirm your appointment, it's usually because someone was trying to get in for a session.

When you cancel at the last minute, it doesn't allow enough time to fill that spot.

Open spots mean bodies not on the table. I love bodies on my table.

I do my very best to fill my day to ensure everyone is well taken care of and to also allow me to make the best use of my time while at the clinic.

As a reminder, all appointments that are not cancelled 24-hours in advance are still considered live appointments. To avoid a no-show fee, please be sure to cancel in advance to allow me to fill that spot.

Even if you cancel at the last minute, if I am able to fill the spot I do not charge a no-show fee.